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How Aqui Coqui Works

Search through our large variety of vehicles and choose the one the best suits your needs and make your reservation.  Once it is time to pick up the car, our host will deliver it to you. It is that simple.


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Choose a custom location you want your vehicle delivered to or one of pre-designated meet up locations.

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Choose when you need your vehicle. Once you make your reservation we will check back in with you 24-48 hours prior to your booking to make sure nothing has changed.

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This takes less than 15 minutes. Once the Host has arrived, he will conduct a quick inspection of the vehicle and then your off!

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FAQs and Commonly Asked Questions

Can I use My Own Insurance?

Yes, you can! Call your insurance company first and make sure that you are covered from renting from a “Car Sharing” company.

Need to Cancel?

All of our vehicles come with a standard cancellation policy, that allows you to cancel your reservation free of charge up to 24 hours prior to your reservation.

When do I get my Deposit Back?

As long as you returned the vehicle in the same conditions as it was delivered to you and no damages, violation to our policies, or tickets occurred during your reservation, you will receive your refund from 5-10 business days.