Vehicle eligibility | PR

Vehicle eligibility | PR

Before starting the listing process, check that your vehicle meets Aqui Coqui’s eligibility requirements for listing in Puerto Rico.

Vehicle type and registration

  • Be an eligible passenger vehicle located in Puerto Rico, registered to you or to an owner who’s authorized you to list their vehicle, and meets all state legal requirements.
  • Ineligible vehicles include, but aren’t limited to, motorcycles, limousines, box trucks, RVs, vehicles that require a commercial license, or off-road vehicles.
  • Have permanent or temporary; we don’t allow dealer or trader plates.

Vehicle condition

  • Be no more than 12 years old.
  • Have fewer than 130,000 miles.
    • You must maintain your vehicle and continue to meet our maintenance and safety standards as your vehicle ages.
    • Once listed, vehicles that reach or exceed 130,000 mi may remain listed if they’re in excellent condition, and continue to meet all legal, safety, and mechanical standards.
  • Have an inspection/registration sticker (also known as the “Marbete” valid through at least the following month.
  • Have a clean (e.g. not a “branded” or “salvage”) title.
    • You’re responsible for knowing your vehicle’s title history.
    • If you don’t, get a vehicle history report from Carfax before listing on Aqui Coqui.
  • Have never been declared a total loss.

Vehicle insurance

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