Maintenance requirements

Maintenance requirements

Aqui Coqui sets conditions for keeping your vehicle in good working order and has measures in place if maintenance standards aren’t met.  

Vehicle maintenance requirements

Aqui Coqui requires you to follow the laws and regulations for vehicle safety, condition, and operation in your area. You must maintain your vehicle for every trip following the guidelines issued in our maintenance checklist. View the checklist in English.

Maintenance failures

Aqui Coqui may take the following actions if you fail to properly maintain your vehicle:

  • Charge $100* violation fee if we learn you haven’t maintained your vehicle
  • Charge $300* administrative fee if we have to dispatch roadside service because of a maintenance issue
  • Unlist your vehicle if it hasn’t been properly maintained
  • Cancel booked trips and unlist your vehicle if we learn you haven’t followed safety requirements in Puerto Rico