Luis Munoz Marin International Airport- SJU | Hosts

Agreement guidelines and restrictions

  • Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU) allows drop-off/pickup at all public lots and curbside at the designated Car Sharing area on the Arrival/Departure Terminal
  • You’re strictly prohibited from:
    • towing the car or using a trailer on SJU property
    • washing car on airport property
  • Aqui Coqui won’t cover the cost for parking at SJU
  • Park no earlier than four hours before the scheduled trip start or no longer than allowed by the permit or garage/lot, whichever comes first
  • Agreement violations put you at risk of citations and/or fines from airport authorities
  • Follow host instructions below and share these instructions with guests

Drop-off/pickup instructions

Hourly, Daily, and Economy Parking Lots

  • When you arrive at the lot:
    • Pull ticket and leave in car for guest
    • Park in any open spot
    • Message guest to let them know where you parked; include name or number of section/parking stall, location of keys and parking ticket
  • Conduct contactless check-in/checkout if your car has remote unlocking technology or leave key for guest in secure lockbox

Arrival/Departure Terminal (curbside)

  • Follow signs for terminal — meet guest curbside at the between pillar 12-15 in the arrival terminal.  Meet guest on the 2nd floor of the parking garage adjactent to the terminal.
  • Respect airport guidelines
    • Hand off car in less than five minutes
    • Stay with vehicle until handoff
  • Use the “Location sharing” feature in the Whatsapp to coordinate delivery timing with your guest