Exclusivity policy

Exclusivity policy

This policy lays out the vehicle listing restrictions that apply to hosts in Puerto Rico, whose participation on Aqui Coqui ties them to this agreement.


Hosts in Puerto Rico who list a vehicle on Aqui Coqui are agreeing to share it only on Aqui Coqui. Hosts in these locations may not list a vehicle that’s currently listed on any other car sharing platform nor may they list their vehicle on any other car sharing platform once they’ve listed it on Aqui Coqui.


When their vehicle isn’t booked on Aqui Coqui, hosts may use it for ride sharing, delivery services, or other personal uses. For more about this policy, including compliance timing, see Aqui Coqui’s Terms of Service.



Aqui Coqui monitors listings, trips, and communication to ensure host compliance with this policy. If we discover a vehicle listing that violates our policy, hosts can expect the following:

  • 1st documented offense – We’ll contact and warn you that you’re in violation of this policy. We’ll instruct you to remove your vehicle from the other car sharing platform. We’ll also ask that you deinstall any connected hardware in your vehicle.
  • 2nd documented offense – We’ll restrict your account. We’ll ask to see email confirmation that you’ve removed the connected device and a screenshot of your deactivated listing/account. You must sign an agreement to abide before we can remove the vehicle restriction.
  • 3rd documented offense – We’ll remove you from our platform.


Should a host fail to follow with this policy, Aqui Coqui may, at its sole discretion:

  • charge a violation fee
  • levy penalties
  • deny a physical damage claim
  • remove the vehicle from the platform
  • close the host’s account
  • take other actions